Where does the money go?

All financial support we receive from you is directly directed to the education program at College Namugunga- to improve children’s upbringing and create further opportunities for children by providing them primary education.

The funding of school education at College Namugunga is planned and carried out in consultation with the founder of the primary school Samuel Namugunga, which is an important community player in the local community. Jabez World cooperates with a local church- Cepac Sayuni, located in Bukavu, DR Congo.

Your contribution gives children a better future. The money you donate primary supports the financial operation of the school – teachers’ pay, school tuition for the orphan children and lunch for the student. We also finance school equipment (notebooks, bags, pencil cases) and school uniforms. And thirdly, we also support construction and maintenance work of the school facilities.

The children are the future and our basic principle is that our humanitarian aid should always be aimed at the children who live in the local community. There is thus no single student who receives a direct money support, it would have created an unfair distinction between the children who receive and those who do not. Therefore, all the kids in the school Collage Namugunga should take advantage of your contribution as you give to Jabez World.

As mentioned, we operate in Jabez World without any benefit and all work is done as a voluntary effort to provide school education to children who are in a humanitarian crisis in the village of Nyangezi near the city of Bukavu in DR Congo.

I want to contribute!

Give your school education contribution to our account number: IBAN NO54 4355 15 86651


Help us give more children a school education that hopes for a better future.

 All contributions help.

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