About our purpose

According to section 2 of the articles of association of Jabez Verden’s articles of association, the association shall work to promote education in all age groups and all walks of life, as well as support the weakest in society, primarily in DR Congo. Our vision is education for everyone.

Jabez Verden will contribute to school development in southern Kivu in DR Congo. The school education financed by Jabez Verden for primary school College Namugunga shall ensure capacity building of the local population, mutual understanding, bridge construction, protection and a safe and educational school day as well as and friendship development between pupils in Norway and in DR Congo.

Our goal is to:

– Provide financial support for the elementary school College Namunguna in the village of Nyngazi (Southern Kivu in DR Congo)

 – Elementary school College Namugunga should be a good place to be to learn.

 – The school should form and educate students and promote equality, freedom of expression, co-determination, democracy, human dignity, scientific research method and critical thinking.

– Contribute to the development of quality in teaching

– Participate in cultural exchange

– Participate in cultural exchange

 – Contribute to societal and democracy development through increased access to education and through the development of democratic attitudes in DR Congo.

 – The pupils will develop their social network and sense of belonging.

 – Students will build relationships across ethnicity, beliefs and class levels.

 – The pupils should experience social inclusion

– The pupils must have a good psychosocial and physical school environment

– The pupils will learn to master new activities through social interaction and play with others.

– The pupils must experience student participation.

 – The pupils shall establish good attitudes in relation to tolerance and equality between pupils with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and of different sexes.

 – The pupils should gain experience with democratic decision-making processes and cooperation.

 – The pupils must be made aware of the influence of extremist environments.

 – Pupils should be helped to prevent unwanted behavior, especially in relation to crime, violence and intoxication.