About DR Congo

The search for natural resources

Exploitation of our homeland goes back to colonial times. The search for natural resources has driven 4.5 million children and adults from their homes. They lack work, food, shelter and education.

13 million people need relief, and half are children and young people. The poorest and orphaned children and young people are the easiest prey for recruitment for slave labor in mining and as child soldiers. A life as a child soldier involves violence, abuse and rape.

Rape as a systematic weapon

In the brutal warfare, rape is used systematically as a weapon. Every hour 48 girls and women are raped in Congo. Half are under 18 years of age. We also know that many boys are raped. Therefore, our uncle (Denis Mukwege) and the Nobel Peace Prize laureate help the women who have experienced great injustice against their own body, and the family – we who are board members of the Jabez World help poor, orphaned children who have been raped in war by giving them a safe and secure good schooling in DR Congo at Collage Namugunga.

Can you pick up your mobile or your PC?

According to the UN, Congo is the world’s longest – and most forgotten – humanitarian crisis.

Now that you read this, you can record your cell phone or PC, please?

The lithium battery in your mobile phone contains 55 percent of the mineral cobalt. The search for cobalt for our smart technology is one of the main reasons why children and young people in Congo do not attend school.

Over half of the cobalt used by Apple, Samsung, Tesla and others – in the world’s smart technology – comes from the mines in Congo. Demand is growing!

80 percent of the cobalt mines are industrial – and are often owned by foreign companies.

But 20 percent of mines are more informal. 40,000 children and young people are slaves of cobalt mines in Congo. The mining operation is protected by local militias, and the income from conflict minerals finances over 40 different rebel groups in Congo.

Coltan and cobalt are produced using child labor. Minerals extracted by children and young people who have to be at school, are found in the car you are driving and in the mobile you may now be holding your hand to read about the situation in DR Congo.

Although the colonial era is over, the whole world is witnessing how Congo’s natural resources continue to be exploited. It is not fair that children and youth in Congo have to pay the price for our smart technology.

We provide long-term humanitarian assistance

One in four in DR Congo needs emergency relief, there are a total of 13 million people. Our country of birth is one of the world’s worst countries to be children and youth, with poverty, conflict and sexual violence. We at Jabez Verden believe that this cannot be the case.

It is done too little with the humanitarian and political challenges in Congo. Congolese and international authorities have failed children and young people. Therefore, Jabez Verden finances school education for children and young people in DR Congo. The need for humanitarian aid increases and is record-high. The distance between the funds needed and the aid provided by the world’s land has never been greater.

This means that more helping hands are needed to avert one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises. Creating the humanitarian organization Jabez Verden is the Board’s way of responding and responding swiftly to meet the great need for humanitarian aid in DR Congo.

Jabez Verden provides long-term humanitarian assistance in the form of school education. Countries in prolonged and complex crises need more long-term assistance. Long-term assistance must be assistance that helps victims of the humanitarian crisis where they are, ie in their home country.

The key out of poverty

We at Jabez Verden have decided to give priority to education for children and young people as our response to the humanitarian crisis in DR Congo. Our education offer at College Namugunga helps reduce children’s vulnerability and raises the level of knowledge of locals in the village of Nynagezi.

Low or no education deprives children and young people of the opportunity to get out of poverty. Education provides skills that children need to reach their full potential and development both for the individual student and for the entire community. Through education, people can create a better future for themselves and their families, no other form of aid provides better prospects than investing in children’s education.

Jabez ‘World works to ensure that education for the coming generation of children and young people will benefit children and young people, the local community, DR Congo and the world. We cannot risk that another whole generation will be deprived of schooling.

Help us and the kids by contributing to our account number:

IBAN: NO54 4355 15 86651


Together, we invest for a better future by providing our children and young school education

The world needs dedicated and happy donors who happily give to those who have so little when we have so much – because together as donors to the Jabez World, we all have the power to change the future of DR Congo and create a more just world!

Thank you so much for your donation for a better future for our next generation of children and youth.

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